Sunday, September 7, 2008

Is Angelina Jolie Depressed?

A few different sources are reporting that Ange is suffering from PND after giving birth to her twins Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline. I don't know how true these claims are, as every article relies on that tattle-taling, unnamed "insider."

According to UK's Now Magazine:

Angelina Jolie is apparently tired and emotional following the birth of her twins.

The actress and partner Brad Pitt, 44, had Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Leon on 13 July.

But insiders claim the mum-of-six has rarely left her French home since they were born.

‘She has been trying to control her emotions but her mood swings have been hard on the entire family,' a source tells In Touch.

'She has been staying in bed most of the time - all she does is sleep.

'She cries at the drop of a hat and laughs at inappropriate times.'

Friends of Ange, 33, are said to think she may be suffering from post-natal depression.

‘Everyone around her is hoping that she will talk to someone about how she is feeling,’ the source adds.

Angelina is also mum to adopted kids Maddox, 7, Pax, 4, and Zahara, 3, and daughter Shiloh, 2.

The Melbourne Herald Sun, The UK Sun and India's SIFY are also reporting this, but at the moment I do question how true it is because the big guns like People, OK, and WHO haven't jumped on board. I do hope she is doing well, it must be pretty hard work looking after six kids now! Perhaps it is weird considering the fact that I don't know her, but I think that weird thing where we tend to feel very close to celebrities we don't know at all, applies here. She is just such an effortlessly beautiful human being, and does lots of great charity work too. I really hope she is alright, especially considering her history of depression, not to mention all the weird blood rituals she did with Billy Bob Thornton. is reporting that they are getting therapy.....hmmm...

"Friends close to Brad say Angelina is battling to bond with the twins and has asked Brad to take over the reins. “Ange is suffering from post-partum depression and is not coping right now. She’s just really down. Her spirits are really low,” reveals a source.

Coupled with all that responsibility and taking care of the other children, things between Brad and Ange are not going as well as planned. “Brad is happy that his folks paid a visit to France to help out, but he still wants to go back to LA where his friends and family are,” says a friend. Which is completely understandable. There he will get the help and support he needs to be a good father to six children.

Family dynamics shaken
Those close to the couple say the twins have also had a massive effect on the family dynamics. “Little Shiloh isn’t the baby anymore. She has been throwing tantrums and screaming for no reason.” And poor Maddox! All of a sudden he has to play big brother to five siblings, who don’t even speak the same language!

But Ange is refusing to budge and wont move back to the US just yet. Instead she has insisted they try therapy sessions before making a final decision.

“They phone the same psychotherapist they used when they were staying in New York. They just need some help. Everything is so overwhelming and they seem to be battling with the basics,” says a family member."

Well if it turns out to be true, I hope Ange gets all the help she needs!

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