Sunday, February 15, 2009

I need something more

I need something in life to keep going, but there is nothing. I need and always have needed and I'm just existing, badly, and missing the something more.

I feel badly and I want to go home. I want something to look forward to and enjoy and escape from this hard feeling of emptiness and bad.

I want to go home and I don't like being here alone in this place and I want to go home somewhere I just don't like this and I wish I was young again I'm only 17 and I'm ruined and tired and I've failed and I'm useless and I'll never be good enough and I'll never be perfect enough and I'll never be pretty enough.


Marissa Miller said...

I remember feeling the way you do. When I was your age, I found Jesus and he gave me a purpose and a reason for living when I had none.

He's what keeps me going. My hope and prayer for you is that you can find your purpose to keep you going.

Aurora said...

Unfortunately I don't believe in God, but thanks and I'm glad it helps you.