Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentines Day Stinks

Depression = Loneliness?

I hate Valentines Day and all those stupid people in their inane young relationships, acting like it's all meaningful when they're just going to break up in a month. I hate PDA, PDA, PDA, people giving gifts, flowers, candy, romantic people and just everything!

In other more important I suppose areas, well, I don't know but yeah time has passed and soon I will be in tertiary education and this makes it a whole year that I've procrastinated getting.... psychological help....

Also haven't taken pills in like 2 months?

Felt quite shit today, had quite a few moments of despair, hitting deep lows, feeling disconnected from the world. I know I should do something but life doesn't seem worth it, it's just so monotonous with nothing to look forward to but the fear of failure and screwing up all the opportunities i'm about to have.

I hate how in one day I go -

low, lower, lower, normal, high, normal, low, normal, low, lower, lower, lower, normal, HIGH, normal, low, HIGH, LOW etc


I ALSO hate the fact that I am continually obssessing about one thing, seriously it makes me feel very mentally like uncontrolled and disturbed and freaked out. What if it can't be cured at all?

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greenplasticvegetables said...

hey, don't give up hope!
p.s. happy valentine's :P