Sunday, February 15, 2009

From my "morbidity" folder

Give me a reason to fall in love
Take my hand and let's dance
Give me a reason to make me smile
Cause I think I forgot how

I wanna fall asleep with you tonight
I wanna know that I am safe when you hold me tight
I wanna feel like I wanna feel forever

Girls need attention, and boys need us
So let's make everybody glad
That they have each other in each others arms
Oh let's make everybody glad

I want you

I wanna dream away with you tonight
We can go anywhere you would like
I wanna feel how I wanna feel forever

I want you

listening to this song and the memories makes my chest hurt and i hate it its so hard that people who are just like you, best friend, talked about everything, the only one, and you thought they'd be there forever will just leave and not care like a switch but i can't switch it off no matter how much i try it won't stop hurting.

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