Monday, February 16, 2009


i am scared because i made an appointment for tomorrow morning and now there is no getting out of it gosh i am scared.

it seems so scary , what will i say and how?

i am just scared because i don't want to go but i know i have to and i am scared.

what am i meant to wear?
what if the person analyses me based on what i wear and how i look?
what if i can't talk?
what if i can't stop talking by the end of the appointment?
what if i cry?
what if i don't like them?
what if they don't like me?
what if they don't think i am bad enough, that i don't have anything wrong with me?
what will they think about my lame story, i don't want to have to tell it, that it started a year ago, and i don't want to tell them about being off and on prozac, and for not seeking help for a whole year aggghhhhhh

Ok now I am going to try and plan my outfit.

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