Friday, November 7, 2008

Just to break things up a bit....

because of course the effervescent, explosive, all-encompassing exuberant joy that my blog radiates might get a bit too much at times, and might annoy people who aren't always as happy as I am. So here's one of those thing that I think is really cool.
I think I'm going to try and spell out a sentence in the images that pop up on the first page of a google image search.That is, each word is an image. And I'll feel a great connection to humanity because of this, seeing other people's random pictures expressing what i feel...right... but the exciting bit is you can try and guess what I am saying!
(God, I am delusional today, not realising that the only people who read this are people looking for that song they heard on the Volkswagen ad......)

1 comment:

nospoons said...

It's clear that you are trying to say:

Shadow Chip? Whales scary. Gold beaver empty art.

p.s George Cloony is at least a bazillion years old.

Also UAI is overrated.