Tuesday, November 18, 2008

i don't know

life is life
my formal is tomorrow
not looking forward to it but not totally not wanting to go like i felt yesterday
just slightly stressed about looking the best... competition... being judged by everyone else there

life is life is i don't know
people are confusing
i care too much
in negative ways
they don't care much


life is so superficial
so much of it is just surface deep
so much is based on the way people look
i'm scared of growing up, growing older, relationships, work, uni, all of it

my feet hurt from walking in high heels
but i like the way they make my legs look

have been constantly feeling a sense of discontent of boredom of just not being able to be engrossed in anything, just a niggling feeling all the time... i don't like it... lack concentration span to read or watch movies even! i can't believe there is not one book in the whole world, not one classic or new novel, considering how great literature is and how much i used to love reading, that i want to read

on the bus i just stare into space, because opening the book in my bag takes so much effort


A.C. James said...

I like your writing. Will drop by again to read more. Thanks.

Aurora said...

i wouldn't call these half - minded ramblings my best writing, but thanks anyway! reading back on them makes me cringe...

a.c. james said...

Yeah I know the feeling, at least as far as going back and reading things I've written. I deal with the "cringe" through compulsive revision. I'm dealing with it. Anyway, I like the truth in your words. Keep it coming. Also like the line about high heels, that was great.