Saturday, July 26, 2008


and now it is crunch time, captain crunch time, they don't have that cereal here

so much to do, insanely so much to do, and so little time

i just have to keep believing that everything is going to work out fine, that i will work hard in the last moments and do well as I always do, because I always do do well despite not being able to study regularly throughout the term, I am very good at using time well near the exams

in other matters

I organised the 'care plan' that means i get referred to the psychologist by the medical centre and then i get a huge rebate so I end up paying nothing or next to nothing for 16 sessions a year, and it is good that it is mid july now because 16 sessions will about take me to the end of this year

except the stupid thing is that i gave them my mobile number to call me and make the appointment but i can't find my charger and the battery is dead, and i keep putting off calling them. Do you know the sort of lethargy where you know you really should be doing something but just can't be bothered?

I also haven't taken my meds for quite a few days. I'm just in such a rush in the morning, and then don't bother in the afternoon, then it is night time and if I take them that late they keep me awake for hours. I know this is bad and probably contributing to how much time I am spending in bed lately, as I find myself atleast slightly more energetic and awake with Lovan/Prozac.

I promise I will do everything tomorrow. I am meeting Pony at the library to study. She is a doll and has been such a good friend, especially when I call her up crying, then hang up and call 20 minutes later, and sometimes do that 4 times an afternoon, he he it sounds pretty pathetic but she has been so nice and is such a great person.
I think losing some friends makes me all the more thankful for what I've got with the ones that stick around.

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