Wednesday, July 16, 2008

First Real Post

Ok, so I tried to type that in the title box, but honestly, it turned my words into Arabic whenever I hit the space bar. Maybe I clicked something weird in my settings.

Well anyhow, back to business, this is my first real post. I used to have all these really bad angsty poems, but I got embarassed and deleted them, and decided if I'm going to do a blog properly, which I am, and this is a proper blog, I've got to have direction and focus.

Unfortunately it is late at night and I don't feel like elaborating on any of the things I should be. Thinking about the messy state of my life right now really pains me quite exquisitely. Especially considering the way I have wasted the last, yes it hurts to add this up, basically 11 full days. And they aren't just days, these are really important days to me. I have huge exams in 3 weeks. Or possibly 2. I can't even find my exam timetable.

And my whole life hinges on doing fabulously well in them.

Well I am making a promise to myself that things will change starting from tomorrow. I will get a lot of things done. I have to post off some tax things, get my Lovan 20mg prescription filled for the first time ever because my old doctor used to just dole out boxes as if it was candy that just happened to have that distinctively disgusting fluoxetine hydrochloride taste. It sure keeps you coming back doesn't it, good old Prozac. I have to organise 2 other medical things which I will tell you about next time.

God, I am even more depressed, because I really need to work my ass off to recompense for the weeks I've spent in bed all day, and crying all night. Holidays are so dangerous for me, being out of touch with everything and everyone. I will have a good, productive day tomorrow.

I need to.

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