Thursday, January 6, 2011

so so far

so i'm meant to be having the time of my life on this awesome holiday, and everyone else is doing something amazing, achieving awesome leaps all over the world, and basically i am so totally fucked over... fucked fucked fucked, unfortunately not literally...

god, not that i believe in you, please grant me the strength to have some strength fairly soon. please let soon arrive soon and let it be a starving spell and let it last really long so that bones appear everywhere and there is nothing left to bring up no matter how hard one tries and i am perfect in time for going back for the new year where i must be changed and shall show no weakness and must must must be perfect thin and bones.

oh god

if it doesn't happen soon i don't know what i am going to do


nospoons said...

Hey you're writing again! Great to know something awful hasn't happened to you since your last post.

Sounds like life still sucks proverbial balls for you and that's a real shame since you seem intelligent and literate, qualities which are increasingly rare these days.

Keep writing, I hope it makes you feel better and I also hope that things pick up for you kid,


Sydney University said...

thanks, that's really nice of you

the stuff i've written on here in the past is so cringeworthy
and obviously quite melodramatic
ie. i only write on here when stuff is bad so i guess it is not a very balanced view of things